January 2, 2014

Why Fats are Phat



I LOVE FATS! Love them! They’re my #1 Stunner. Many years ago I ditched grains and and replaced them with nourishing, lubricating, fat burning, health promoting, skin and hair beautifying fats and it changed my life. You can read a bit more about this over at Well + Good NYC. I have Celiac’s which means when I consume gluten my body goes code red alert and breaks out into this nasty autoimmune rash called eczema. I figured this out early in life and was able to learn tons and tons of incredibly valuable info on how to improve malabsorption of nutrients as a result of a damaged gut lining from years of gluten consumption. Through a lot of trial and error, I discovered the wonder of fats and the terror of grains (including the G-frees, peeps). Not only are grains pretty hard on the digestive system, they can cause a pretty severe insulin reaction and elicit other hormonal responses that promote fat storage. Replacing grains with fats helped lubricate and nourish my digestive tract vs. tearing it up in its already compromised state, and I noticed my skin, hair, and sleep all improve dramatically.

My diet now consists of fats galore and the cool part is I don’t worry a thing about calories despite eating a lot because my body just knows what to do with the foods I eat – digest, assimilate, and eliminate. When you eat crap that irritates your body, it can’t do those 3 things properly, and you store it. Waste = weight. Shocker, I know. I also rarely feel hungry or need to snack between meals because I eat 3 high fat meals and it makes me full and satisfied. I will occasionally have a little quinoa or raw gluten free oats when the mood strikes, but they aren’t my main squeezes because they just don’t make me feel my best or digest as seamlessly and perfectly as fats. Even better, a slew of credible studies have been done in recent years proving saturated fats, like coconut oil and ghee, do not increase risk of vascular or heart disease. I totally recommend trying to phase out grains and replace them with fats! Here’s which ones to use and which ones to lose:


** Note: Almonds are an exception because although they do not have a favorable omega 6 to 3 ratio, they are highly alkaline and contain many nutritious vitamins and minerals, like Vitamin E, iron, magnesium, and calcium. For that reason, I consume them in moderation and recommend them for their healthy monounsaturated fats.


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  • Kristina

    I have been following your instagram feed for a really long time now and I am dying to know the recipe for the grain/gluten/dairy/sugar free banana bread and the grain/gluten/dairy/sugar free cookies that you posted. I also try to avoid all grains but have yet to find a banana bread online that complies to these restrictions. Help a sister out! PS. Loving the new blog!

    • Annie

      Hi Kristina!

      I will be posting recipes on the blog in the near future as well as working on another fun recipe project so stay tuned for these and more! :)


  • http://grokgrub.com/ Rachel

    This is such a fun blog thus far! I agree with eating more of the right kind of fat, too. :)

  • Tricia Wroblewski

    Annie- I am curious to know why one should never heat olive oil or flax oil. Please let me know when you have a chance- and thanks for the info!

    • Annie

      Hi Tricia!

      Olive oil and flax oil have a low burning point. When you heat them, they mutate on a molecular level and form free radicals which are carcinogenic. This damages the oils, making them “rancid” effectively so they are actually very difficult for your body to break down versus being absorbed seamlessly as the highly beneficial fats they are!

  • Jillian

    Hi Annie! I love the “I love fats” post. Can you include some recipes in which you use flax seed oil?

    • blawnde

      Sure! I love replacing it for olive oil in any salad dressing. I also frequently just take a tablespoon when I wake up. It makes me feel good!

  • Shannon

    Hi Annie,
    I find your blog very inspirational and motivating because I also have Celiac Disease. I have a huge question for you though- what do you do to maintain your energy levels? I often find myself so tired that I struggle with energy and motivation to do things. Do you have a vitamin cocktail that you could recommend? I just started attending Barre classes…thanks to Lauryn’s motivation…and I am hoping this is a starting point of more energy but still want something else like vitamins to take. I would really appreicate your recommendations. Keep the posts coming- FAB BLOG!!

  • katieeob

    I love this post! I’m celiac too and been gluten free for seven years but when my symptoms started coming back I did a little research. Apparently true celiac deals with ALL grain proteins. My corn tortilla habit was setting me back. I’m on week 3 of no grain/dairy and while I’m starting to feel better week 1 was rough – walnuts & avos were a lifesaver. I’m just glad to see there’s someone else eating similarly and posting about it – I’m not the most creative with food and prefer not to have to put thought into it!

    • blawnde

      Yes I don’t eat grains either because I just don’t digest them well at all! Not even the g frees. Glad I can help in some way!

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